It was 2:30 p.m. on Monday when we sat on the half way ledge, finishing all but two sips of water. Susanne enjoying the heat; me wilting in the baking sun. At that point I felt content that we had climbed 350m and that we could just make the sensible choice… to walk round the […]

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  Who forgets their rock shoes? I mean they’re a fairly essential bit of  rock climbing equipment. In fact you could argue that after your fingers they are at number one on the list. Well I forgot mine the other day. I did the whole harness on, rack up and at the last minute realised […]

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The Aigullie Sans Nom

  Last week John McCune and I Climbed the Sans Nom Direct into the top half of the Gabarrou Silvy.  We chose this as it was a really cool line straight up the face and because we were limited by time as John had work on Sunday. It was good to climb a direct line […]

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A few weeks ago, before going on a big day out with Tom, I discovered Asda’s Loaded Mega Chocolate Cookies. They were exactly what was needed for the 20 hour adventure, we had on the Dubh Loch the next day. When the weather’s rubbish, the routes getting hard, it’s taking longer than I had hoped […]



  Its 1AM as I drive into Perth, my eyebrows raised as I attempt to keep my eyes open. Its 5 hours since Tom and I had topped out of the second ascent of Vapouriser VIII,8, on Creag an Dubh Loch’s Central Gully Wall. It is just beginning to set in that we had done […]

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